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The Keys to Successful Aging

Senior women celebrating after their workout

Senior Wellness Isn’t Just About Physical Health

Why is it that man has historically searched for ways to turn back the clock? From the legendary fountain of youth to today’s high-tech cryotherapy and everything in between, we seem to spend more time fighting aging than we do enjoying it. And don’t get us started on that whole “youth is wasted on the young” gobbledygook. We’ll take the wisdom and experience of age any day.

So, if we agree that you shouldn’t (and indeed, can’t) fight aging, what should you do? Glad you asked!

The Ties Between Emotional Wellness and Physical Wellness

Successful aging begins with an understanding of what you can and can’t affect. Let’s start with a look at emotional wellness. According to the National Institutes of Health, emotional wellness is your ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficulty.

Why is that important? Well, only because how you feel affects everything you do, from your ability to manage everyday activities to your relationships and your overall mental health. And just like your physical wellness, your emotional wellness changes over time. Speaking of physical wellness, let’s give that a quick definition as well. Quite simply, your physical wellness is listening to and taking care of your body.

When it comes to maximizing overall senior wellness, you must pay attention to all your emotional and physical needs, abilities, and stressors.

8 Tips for Successful Aging

Don’t worry, maximizing senior wellness isn’t as hard as it may sound. And, if you do it right, you just might find this whole aging thing is a lot of fun.
1. Stay Physically Active
Notice we didn’t use the word exercise. Being physically fit doesn’t mean you have to spend more time in the gym, although if that’s your thing, please do. Walking is a great way to stay fit. So is gardening. The secret is to find something you enjoy.

2. Mind Your Mind
Mental exercise is just as important as physical activity when it comes to senior wellness. Engaging your brain can help delay memory decline. Try reading, writing or crossword puzzles. And remember, you’re never too old to learn something new.

3. Stay Social
Social interaction can provide a positive boost to both your mental and physical health. Playing cards, golfing, sharing a book, or just shooting the breeze can do wonders for your overall health. Remember, we’re social creatures by nature. So get out there!

4. But Take Time for Yourself
Even the most social creature needs time to recharge. Listen to your body and know when to take a break (mentally and physically). This is a great time in your life to really get in touch with who you are. Take advantage of that.

5. Sleep on It
And don’t forget to rest. Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining mental acuity and physical health. For most of our lives, we’ve been conditioned to “get out there and get things done.” But sleep isn’t wasted time. Your body needs it. So does your mind.

6. Watch Your Diet
Speaking of conditioning, you probably read the word “diet” and thought of deprivation. Well, proper nutrition doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want. It simply means you should pay attention to the balance of nutrients your mind and body need.

7. Find New Hobbies
Another great thing about this time in our lives is that we actually have the time to try new things. Never golfed? Go pick up a club and swing away. Always wanted to spend more time in the pool? Dive in. Step out of your comfort zone. You just might find a new hidden talent or passion.

8. Embrace Aging
Perhaps the biggest key to senior wellness is the ability to embrace our age. We can’t turn back the clock. And why would we want to? We’re wiser and more experienced than our younger selves. So, let’s enjoy all that comes with that wisdom and experience!

The Right Senior Living Environment Can Make All the Difference

For those who embrace aging, Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes is the perfect resort-like retirement option. Want to learn more senior wellness at Robson Reserve and how we help our residents age successfully? Contact us today!