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What Are the 7 Dimensions of Wellness & How Do We Promote Them?

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Senior Wellness Is So Much More Than Physical Activity

We all know the importance of staying active as we age. That’s why you’ll find robust gyms, swimming pools, and fitness programs at most senior living and retirement communities. But if you want to stay active, healthy and engaged as you age, your understanding of the ideal senior wellness program really should include 7 dimensions of wellness.

Defining Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Most senior wellness specialists agree that the 7 core dimensions of wellness include:

  1. Physical wellness
  2. We all want to live as independently as we can as we age. To achieve our desired freedom, we must maintain a healthy body. Physical wellness not only includes exercise, but also proper nutrition, adequate sleep, managing stress, and removing bad/harmful habits from our lives that work against us.
  3. Emotional wellness
  4. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that our emotional wellness is just as important as (and even interrelated with) our physical wellness. Emotional wellness is more than just how we feel – it’s  learning how our feelings affect our behavior and how to acknowledge and control our emotional state.
  5. Intellectual wellness
    Just as our bodies need healthy workouts, so do our brains. Activities that encourage creativity and stimulate the mind are all part of our intellectual wellness. If you’re a lifelong learner, keep up with current events, or are constantly challenging yourself, you’re  doing a lot to maintain a healthy intellect.
  6. Social wellness
    One of the main worries many people have when they first start thinking about moving to a retirement community is whether they’ll fit in and get along with their new neighbors. Social wellness is just that – our ability  to successfully interact in our larger community. Healthy relationships are definitely  important to our overall health.
  7. Spiritual wellness
    No matter what religion, if any, you follow, having a set of guiding principles and values allows you to maintain a healthy level of hope, faith, and commitment. That’s what spiritual wellness is all about. You might find it intertwines with your intellectual wellness as you seek meaning and question the world around you.
  8. Environmental wellness
    How do our daily habits affect the world around us? How can we do our part to protect the earth as we enjoy it? That’s environmental wellness. It’s about getting out of our comfort zones and out of our houses and communing with nature. After all, we have a beautiful world. We should enjoy it more.
  9. Occupational/Vocational wellness
    At our age, we generally know what gifts and skills we possess. And just because we might retire doesn’t mean we need to retire our use of these talents. Occupational/vocational wellness means we enjoy our abilities and put them to use for ourselves and for others, regardless of whether we’re being paid to do so.
  10. While we love these 7 core dimensions of wellness, we here at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes, like many other progressive senior living communities, add an eighth dimension specifically tailored to senior wellness: health services.
  11. Health Services
    Aging takes a toll on our bodies and minds. That’s just a fact. So you really can’t maximize senior wellness without access to health services. In addition to independent living, many  retirement communities offer multiple levels of care that may include  assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. For some, health services are available on campus. Others have partnerships with nearby health care providers and hospitals.

Putting the 7 (or 8th) Dimensions of Wellness to Work for You

It helps to think of the 7 dimensions of wellness like a web that intertwines throughout our daily lives. Each dimension overlaps and coordinates with the others to create a rich, healthy life. Like many other senior living communities, we offer a variety of fitness programs, classes, groups and organized activities to help you get the most out of life here.

Here are just a few examples of the types of programs you’ll find at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes:

  • Physical wellness: modern fitness center, organized classes, pool, healthy menu options
  • Emotional wellness: support groups, meditation opportunities, stress-free lifestyle
  • Intellectual wellness: games, workshops, classes, book clubs, university speakers
  • Social wellness: resident-led activities and events, get-togethers, social hours
  • Spiritual wellness: faith-based services, Bible  studies
  • Environmental wellness: beautiful green spaces
  • Occupational/vocational wellness: volunteer opportunities, shared interest groups
  • Health services: assisted living, memory care

Explore Senior Wellness Options at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes

Your continued health and wellness are more important now than they’ve ever  been. Want to know more about senior wellness at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes? Contact our team today for more details about our wellness programs or to schedule a tour.