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A Guide to Finding a Senior Living Community Perfect for Your Needs

View of the dining area at Robson Senior Living.

Making the decision to move to a senior living community can be exciting. Sure, you might be leaving behind a lifestyle that was fulfilling, but you’re also leaping into a new way of life. One that gives you more freedom and fresh opportunities. As with any big decision, you want to feel confident that you’re making the best possible choice. So, how do you choose the senior living community that suits your style and aspirations? Your own interests and instincts are your best guides. But here are some factors to keep in mind as you gather information:

An Ideal Location

Where would you like to live? This is a chance to start fresh and live in your dream locale. Is there a climate you find invigorating or a city you love to visit? Do you thrive under sunny skies? Near mountains? Among enriching cultural attractions? The location you choose will be an extension of your senior living community, so make sure it’s a place that invites further exploration.

An Appealing Atmosphere

As you explore various senior living options, you’ll discover that while they may have similar features — such as low-maintenance living and a variety of wellness opportunities — there can be significant differences in the details. That’s why it’s essential to visit and experience firsthand the energy and atmosphere in a particular community, so you can decide whether it fits your dreams and priorities.
When visiting senior living communities, consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? Some communities have resort-style amenities and an emphasis on hospitality that lend a touch of luxury to the atmosphere.
  • How’s the food? Look for multiple dining venues that offer a range of seasonal, chef-prepared options, including formal dining, casual meals and grab-and-go fare.
  • Do the fitness opportunities interest you? Staying active is a key to healthy aging. In the right retirement community, you’ll find amenities like a pool, fitness center and classes. These make it easy to engage in your favorite fitness activities.
  • Is the lifestyle energizing? A community where there’s a buzz of activity — social events, lifelong learning programs, game nights or book clubs — makes every day an opportunity to engage in favorite pursuits and connect with like-minded people.
  • Do the residences feel like home? A walk through some of the residences will help you decide if the available floor plans would make a comfortable and inviting home.
  • Are the residents and staff friendly? The culture of a senior living community is primarily shaped by the people who live and work there. As you chat with the people you meet, be honest with yourself about whether they’re the kind of people you’d enjoy spending time with.
  • A Long-Term Plan

    You want a senior living community where you can cultivate a vibrant, active lifestyle now. But you’ll feel even more confident if the community you choose also offers higher levels of care on the same campus. With an on-site continuum of care, you can enjoy your independent lifestyle knowing that, if your needs change, you’ll receive the care you need without having to move to an unfamiliar community.

    Luxury Senior Living at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes

    If a sun-kissed lifestyle and resort-style amenities amid a warm community of friends sounds like a dream, make sure Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes is on your list of senior living options. Located in sunny Arizona, near the Chandler, Mesa, and Gilbert areas, and close to golf courses and cultural attractions in Phoenix, we’re a community for active seniors who enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle; a rich array of social, intellectual, physical, and cultural activities; and peace of mind knowing that on-site long-term care is available should their needs change. Contact us to find out more or to schedule your visit.