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Stepping into Safety: September is National Fall Prevention Month

fall prevention safety tips

September marks an important initiative for the well-being of seniors – National Fall Prevention Month. This dedicated time serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding our beloved elders from the hazards of falls, empowering them to lead active, independent lives. At Robson Senior Living, we’re committed to raising awareness about fall prevention and providing the resources needed to ensure the safety and happiness of our residents.

Spreading Awareness

Raising awareness is an essential component of National Fall Prevention Month. We encourage everyone to engage in conversations about fall prevention – whether it’s sharing information with friends and family or hosting discussions within the community. If you are looking for more information and additional resources, The National Council on Aging offers many articles on fall prevention.

Understanding the Risk Factors

Certain risk factors make seniors more susceptible to falls. These include medical conditions like osteoporosis, poor vision, muscle weakness, balance issues, and medication side effects. During National Fall Prevention Month, we encourage our community members to engage in discussions with healthcare professionals about their individual risk factors.

The Seriousness of Falls

Falls among seniors are not mere accidents but rather a pressing concern. According to the National Council on Aging, falls remain the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Whether resulting in an injury or not, a fall can negatively impact the quality of life for a senior. The apprehension of falling increases with older individuals, which can cause them to disengage from activities and social interactions. This limitation may lead to more pronounced physical deterioration, feelings of depression, social seclusion, and a sense of vulnerability. With the aging population on the rise, it’s crucial to address this issue and take proactive steps to prevent falls.

Empowering Independence

At Robson Senior Living, we believe in nurturing independence while ensuring safety. Our tailored fitness programs, led by experienced instructors, focus on strength, balance, and flexibility. These programs not only promote physical well-being and socialization but also boost confidence, reducing the fear of falling.

Maintaining Good Posture: A Key to Fall Prevention for Seniors

National Fall Prevention Month is a fitting time to delve into one of the most overlooked aspects of fall prevention for seniors – maintaining good posture. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, proper posture holds the power to reduce the risk of falls among older adults. At Robson Senior Living, we’re dedicated to not only raising awareness about fall prevention but also providing actionable ways to enhance the safety and well-being of our residents.

Good posture involves the alignment of your body in a way that supports its natural structure. When seniors slouch or have poor posture, it can lead to decreased balance, weakened muscles, and compromised stability. These factors increase the likelihood of stumbling or falling, putting their safety at risk.

3 Benefits of Good Posture
  1. 1. Improved Balance: Maintaining proper alignment of the body’s center of gravity enables seniors to maintain better balance.
  2. 2. Enhanced Muscle Strength: Correct posture engages various muscle groups, contributing to their strength and ability to provide stability.
  3. 3. Better Coordination: When the body aligns correctly, movements become smoother and more coordinated. This can prevent missteps that could lead to a fall.
Home Safety Checks

Many falls occur at home due to environmental hazards. During the month of September, we encourage seniors and their families to conduct a thorough safety assessment of their living spaces. Simple modifications like adding grab bars, eliminating clutter, and improving lighting can go a long way in preventing falls.

Residence Features at the Robson Senior Living CommunitiesSenior Living Bathroom | Luxury Living Goodyear

Robson Reserve in Goodyear and in Sun Lakes offer residences that may include various safety features such as grab bars and an emergency call system. View the floorplans at our communities by choosing a location below:
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By prioritizing senior safety, fostering independence, and spreading awareness, we can collectively make a difference in reducing the incidence of falls among aging adults and seniors. At Robson Senior Living, we’re dedicated to providing the support and resources necessary for our residents to live life to the fullest with a decreased fear of falling.

Discover how living in a senior community can help give you a sense of security but also provide opportunities to lead an active secure way of life. Contact us today!