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Staying Active After 65: The Power of Low-Impact Exercise for Seniors

Staying active after 65 | Robson Senior Living

As we age, our bodies naturally change. We may experience a decrease in energy levels, flexibility, and muscle strength. There can also be a heightened risk of falls for some. This can lead to a fear of exercise along with the belief that they can no longer do it, but the opposite is true. Staying active after 65 with low-impact exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy and independent life.

Low-impact exercise is gentle on the joints, minimizing the risk of injury while promoting physical and mental well-being. This blog will explore how staying active after 65 by incorporating low-impact exercise into your everyday routine is essential in your golden years.

Physical Benefits: Keeping You Strong and Healthy as You Age

For older adults, low-impact exercise classes can be a game-changer for physical well-being. These classes offer a supportive environment where you can improve your cardiovascular health. Common activities include water aerobics or brisk walking which is easy on your joints. This is crucial for maintaining a strong heart and improving blood flow. Additionally, many of these classes often incorporate strength training using light weights or resistance bands, helping you build and maintain muscle mass. Low-impact exercise for seniors is essential for daily activities, preventing falls, and managing chronic conditions. Balance exercises, a common element in many low-impact classes like tai chi, can significantly improve stability and reduce your fall risk. Most classes that focus on balance for older adults will include safety measures of either mats or grab bars to assist with any fears of falling. So, while you’re having fun and socializing with other seniors, you’re also strengthening your body, improving your balance, and keeping your heart healthy – all crucial aspects of maintaining physical well-being as we age. Beyond these immediate benefits listed above, the increased flexibility and range of motion that you’ll gain through these classes can make everyday tasks easier and more manageable, promoting greater independence and a higher quality of life.

Beyond the Physical: How Low-Impact Exercise Helps Mental Well-Being

The benefits of low-impact exercise for seniors extends far beyond the physical. These benefits can also help with moving into a senior living community, keeping a new resident from isolation and loneliness. Low-impact activities and exercise classes can help to stimulate the release of endorphins, which can combat stress and anxiety. This can cause a shift towards a more positive outlook towards social connection through community activities. These classes can also be empowering to seniors. Staying active after 65 leads to a sense of accomplishment and is essential to staying independent in retirement. Whether it’s meeting a new friend after aqua fit class or gentle strength, these can foster a sense of belonging and improve well-being.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: Low-Impact Exercises for Every Senior

Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek in Goodyear, Arizona and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes in Sun Lakes, Arizona both offer several low-impact exercise classes and options for all residents to partake in. Whether you’d like to work out in a group setting or on your own, there is an option for low-impact exercise for everyone. At each senior living community, aqua fit, for example, offers a refreshing and gentle workout in the resort-style pool. This option allows for minimal stress on the joints, while offering the same benefits of other low-impact exercises. Balance and mobility classes are also offered at both seniors facilities. These classes incorporate chairs and other safety features to improve stability and reduce the risk of falls. If these classes don’t pique your interest, gentle strength is a great alternative option. These classes use light weights, resistance bands and other tools to help with maintaining muscle and strengthening the joints. While seniors enjoy these low-impact exercises, they also enjoy the fun and social environment. Staying active, connecting with one another, and feeling empowered helps increase overall well-being.

At the Robson Senior Living Communities, find an active lifestyle that perfectly complements your wellness goals. Our communities boast walkable grounds, perfect for enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather. Plus, we offer a variety of fun and engaging fitness classes, all designed to keep you moving and motivated. At the Reserve communities for seniors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is both convenient and enjoyable. Schedule a private community tour today and discover how luxurious your retirement years can be.