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Financial Benefits of Independent Living

Financial Benefits of Independent Living | Robson Reserve

As the golden years approach, seniors often face crucial decisions about their living arrangements. Independent living is a popular choice, offering a myriad of advantages that contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle. Explore the advantages and financial benefits of independent living including the associated costs.

How Much is Independent Living for Seniors

The cost of independent living for seniors can vary widely based on several factors, including location, amenities, size of the living space, and the specific services offered by the community. Here are some key factors that can influence the cost of independent living:

Monthly Fees
Independent living typically involves monthly fees that cover a range of services and amenities. At Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes, the monthly fee includes utilities (except phone), cable TV, weekly housekeeping, dining dollars, access to high-end amenities, and more. Since the monthly fee is based on the available residences, it’s best to connect with us for current pricing. Call us at 480-883-2000 or fill out our contact form.

Entrance Fees
Some independent living communities may require an entrance fee, which is typically a one-time payment made upon moving in. This fee can vary widely from one senior community to another.

Additional Service Costs
While many services are included in the monthly fees, some communities may offer additional services à la carte. Seniors should inquire about any extra costs for specific services they may require when evaluating the financial benefits of independent living.

Low-Maintenance LivingSenior woman and caretaker housecleaning

Bid farewell to the hassles of home maintenance. Gone are the days full of home improvements and landscaping. Independent living allows you to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle. Plus, independent living typically includes services such as housekeeping and transportation and may also include utilities. The low-maintenance living offered with independent living allows seniors to enjoy a comfortable living space without the physical strain and financial burden associated with the upkeep of a traditional home. Discover the residences at our East Valley senior community.

Advantages of Freedom & Independence

Independent living empowers seniors with a renewed sense of freedom and autonomy. Residents have the flexibility to structure their days according to their preferences, participating in activities and socializing on their terms. This newfound independence fosters a sense of structure over one’s life, promoting emotional well-being.

Community & Social Engagement

Imagine how quickly the costs associated with going to a movie, taking a fitness class, or participating in an arts and crafts activity can add up. Now imagine these activities being part of the lifestyle at a senior community. One of the greatest financial benefits of independent living is the ability to participate in community events and activities. Discover the activities available at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes. Most independent living communities are designed to encourage social interactions and foster a sense of community. From group activities to communal dining, residents have many opportunities to build meaningful connections and combat feelings of loneliness.

Access to Amenities

Independent living communities offer a range of amenities tailored to enhance residents’ quality of life. Fitness centers, swimming pools, libraries, and organized events are just a few examples of the amenities that contribute to a vibrant and active lifestyle. These perks are often part of the overall cost of independent living. At the Reserve in Sun Lakes, seniors enjoy luxury amenities including a resort-style pool, theater, fitness center, activity rooms, library, and more.

Safety & Security

Security is a top priority as well as a financial benefit of independent living communities. From secure entry systems to on-site staff, residents and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind knowing that resident safety is a priority. This focus on security allows seniors to age in place confidently.

Independent living offers a wealth of advantages for seniors seeking a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle. While there are associated costs, the value derived from the low-maintenance lifestyle, newfound freedom, and community engagement can make independent living a wise and rewarding choice for those entering their retirement years. By understanding both the advantages and costs, seniors can make informed decisions that align with their preferences and financial considerations.

While evaluating the financial benefits of independent living, you may wonder how Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes compares to other senior communities. View our Cost Comparison Worksheet and use this as a guide for reviewing your independent living options.
We would love to help you learn more about independent living at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes. Call us at 480-883-2000 or fill out our form and we will be in touch.