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How Residents are Celebrating National Senior Health and Fitness Day

The teams at Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek in Goodyear, AZ and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes near Chandler, AZ have a strong belief in fostering senior health and fitness for its residents. While both senior living communities offer activities like bingo, painting, and brain games, physical activity plays an important role in ensuring senior health and fitness. To make sure this is easily accessible to the residents, each community features a state-of-the-art fitness center. The fitness amenities also include an exercise studio that offers a variety of exercise classes specifically designed for seniors age 65 and older.

Fitness Tailored for Senior Health

Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes both go beyond simply providing the equipment for residents to use. With an understanding of the importance of senior health and staying strong, the communities both offer a range of fitness classes. These classes often focus on balance, mobility, and gentle strength training, while keeping it fun and entertaining.

  • Balance and Mobility: Crucial for seniors age 65 and older, these classes incorporate exercises that improve coordination, flexibility, and gait. All while reducing the risk of falls, the Life Enrichment Coordinators guide residents through safe and effective movements that build confidence and stability.
  • Gentle Strength Training: This low-impact class utilizes light weights, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises to ensure residents are staying strong. Stronger muscles improve daily activities for residents, and allow them to independently complete these activities for longer.
  • Aqua Fit: Enjoy the benefits of exercise in a refreshing and supportive environment. Aqua fit classes are a low-impact option that’s gentle on the joints while providing a full-body workout. Build strength and flexibility – all while staying cool, having fun, and staying strong!

Staying Strong Together: The Power of Community

For many residents living at Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes, the benefits of participating in one of the fitness classes extends far beyond the physical, helping residents stay strong in all aspects of life:

  • Social Connection: The classes provided at our Goodyear senior community and our Chandler senior community in Sun Lakes offer a welcoming environment to connect with fellow residents who share the same goal – staying strong! This fosters a sense of community and belonging, significantly impacting mood, well-being, and overall senior health.
  • Personalized Attention: The Life Enrichment teams at both communities personalize these classes based on the individual needs and limitations of seniors, ensuring residents can stay strong at their own pace. The Life Enrichment Coordinators offer guidance and support throughout the class, ensuring a safe and effective workout.
  • Motivation and Consistency: Working out with a group, especially filled with your friends, can be a powerful motivator. Knowing others are counting on you to come to class can make the difference in sticking to a fitness routine and staying strong.

Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day

Robson Senior Living believes that staying active isn’t just about exercise; it’s about embracing a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle that empowers seniors. The fitness centers in both communities and dedicated classes provide the resources and support residents need to feel their best. National Senior Health and Fitness Day, held on the last Wednesday of May each year, is the perfect opportunity to experience the power of movement and stay strong in retirement.

Ready to take the first step towards a stronger, more vibrant life?

Schedule a Tour: Experience senior living at our Goodyear community or our Chandler senior community in Sun Lakes firsthand! See the exercise studio and fitness center, meet the amazing Life Enrichment Team and get a feel for what it is like to be a part of an active community for seniors age 65 and older.

Talk to the Team: Our skilled Life Enrichment Team is here to answer your questions, assess your needs, and recommend the perfect class to get you started on your journey of staying strong once you’ve moved in.

Explore Other Possibilities: Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek and Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes both offer a variety of activities beyond fitness classes. Explore options like Chat with Chef, social happy hours, and continued learning workshops – all designed to help you stay strong and connected.

Let’s celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day together and commit to staying strong! Schedule a tour today!