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Pay It Forward Contest Winner at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes

Pay It Forward Winner | Sun Lakes

In a world where milestones are celebrated and accomplishments revered, there are individuals who defy the conventional norms of aging and inspire us with their boundless energy and generosity. One such remarkable soul is Vivienne Johnson, the 102-year-old Mayor of Robson Reserve in Sun Lakes. Recently, Vivienne became the recipient of a heartwarming gesture known as “Paying It Forward,” a token of appreciation for her dedication to kindness and community spirit.

Pay It Forward Nomination

Vivienne’s friend Fran, recognizing the extraordinary contributions of this centenarian, took it upon herself to nominate Vivienne for the Pay It Forward contest. Fran’s nomination highlighted Vivienne’s recent endeavor: handwriting several hundred invitations for the bell choir performance at Robson Reserve at Sun Lakes. Fran expressed, “She is somebody that when there is somebody new, she gets to know them. She is well-liked by the staff; I just think she deserves this award.”

About Vivienne

Yes, you read it correctly – Vivienne Johnson just turned 102 years old. Despite the passage of time, Vivienne exhibits a zest for life that captivates everyone around her. Her dedication to creating an inclusive community shines through in every interaction. It’s not just about the bell choir invitations; it’s about the genuine connections she forges with every resident at this Sun Lakes senior community. Whenever new residents arrive at Robson Reserve, Vivienne takes it upon herself to ensure they feel welcomed and supported during their move. Her genuine interest in others and her ability to make people feel at home is truly unparalleled. When asked about her secret to staying active and vibrant at 102, Vivienne shared, “It’s just there. I work on it. I go to aerobics every day, I refuse to get old.”

The Surprise

As a testament to her unwavering commitment, Vivienne was surprised with the Pay It Forward award. Walking up to her, the surprise unfolded, “Hi Vivienne, how are you? I nominated you for the Pay It Forward award.” Vivienne, in her characteristic wit, responded, “For what? Am I going to get money? You might have to earn it. I might not have time.”

Watch the surprise unfold as Fran reveals the Pay It Forward nomination to Vivienne. 

Vivienne Johnson’s story serves as an inspiration to us all. In a world that often focuses on the challenges of aging, Vivienne reminds us that the true measure of a person is not in the years they have lived but in the impact, they have had on others. As we celebrate Vivienne and her century of kindness, let her story be a beacon, encouraging us to pay it forward, embrace life with zest, and foster connections that make our communities truly special.

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