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Senior Living Questions to Ask and FAQs

Navigating the transition to an independent living, assisted living, or memory care community can be both exciting and filled with questions. Whether you’re considering such a move for yourself or a loved one, knowing what senior living questions to ask is important. From understanding the differences between independent and assisted living to exploring the unique considerations of memory care communities, the teams at Robson Reserve in Goodyear and in Sun Lakes are here to help. Robson Reserve aims to provide clarity and insight to help ease the transition and empower you to make informed decisions about senior living options.

Senior Living Questions to Ask

Planning for retirement involves careful consideration of your financial goals, lifestyle preferences, and long-term aspirations. Take a look at a few commonly asked senior living questions.

What’s Included in Senior Living Communities?

One of the best things that both our Goodyear and Sun Lakes locations offer is the inclusivity of amenities. When you move in to Robson Reserve, your monthly rent is all-inclusive, meaning dining plan, activities, events, housekeeping, and much more are included along with your residence. Being all-inclusive allows for you to prepare for what a year after move-in looks like, making it easy to budget, and providing stability and predictability.

Are Senior Communities Pet-Friendly?

We all enjoy having a four-legged best friend around so most senior communities are pet-friendly. The Robson Senior Living communities are no exception. Our communities are pet-friendly and we welcome your furry friends. Robson Reserve is proud to have several pet-friendly areas including a dog park to keep our residents (and their pets) happy and healthy.

What Services are Available?Senior woman walking with caretaker

One of the biggest advantages of living at our Goodyear location or our Sun Lakes location is the ability to provide care to residents who need it. Let’s say you or a loved one were to move into our Independent Living community and six months down the line need help with daily activities. The team at either facility would be happy to provide that care, with a personalized care plan. At our Sun Lakes community, we also offer Memory Care. With it being on-site already, the team is available to help make a smooth transition, which is much more convenient than a move to another community. With the amazing Wellness Team, staffed with certified caregivers, residents are able to enjoy their independence.

Are There Intangible Benefits of Senior Living?

In addition to the tangible considerations of moving into a senior living community, there are also numerous social and recreational benefits. At both Robson Reserve locations, we pride ourselves on offering a vibrant and engaging community culture. This culture helps to keep seniors active and connected socially. From daily social activities and happy hours to fitness classes and educational seminars, there’s always something exciting happening at our communities. Residents have the opportunity to connect with neighbors, explore new hobbies, and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle in their retirement years.

In addition, the low-maintenance lifestyle at the Robson Senior Living communities is perfect for retirees who may be struggling to keep up with home maintenance or no longer have a desire for chores.

Furthermore, the Goodyear and Sun Lakes locations boast beautifully landscaped grounds and a range of on-site luxury amenities designed to enhance the resident experience. Whether you prefer to relax by the pool, enjoy a drink in the bar, or unwind with a stroll through the courtyards, there’s no shortage of ways to make the most of your retirement years.

What Are Living Options for Seniors?

One of the most common senior living questions is about living options. At Robson Reserve, the living options vary to accommodate unique needs and preferences for different lifestyles and care needs. From spacious one-bedroom apartments to cozy two-bedroom suites, our communities provide comfortable and thoughtfully designed living spaces that feel like home. Additionally, our dedicated staff members are committed to providing personalized care and support to each resident, ensuring that their individual needs are met with compassion and professionalism.

Answering Your Senior Living Questions

Moving into a senior living community is a significant life decision, and it’s natural to have questions along the way. That’s why the team at Robson Reserve is here to offer guidance and support every step of the journey. Whether you’re curious about the amenities and services, interested in scheduling a tour, or simply want to learn more about what life is like at our communities, we’re always happy to help. Whether you’re looking for a senior community in Goodyear, Buckeye or Litchfield Park, or a community in Gilbert, Chandler, or Sun Lakes, Robson Reserve is a great choice for you or your loved ones. Contact us today to get started on the path to a fulfilling and vibrant retirement lifestyle at Robson Reserve.